Fastidious Co-Op Mailer!

Guaranteed Front Page Exposure!

Shipping U.S.P.S To  Homes & Businesses Throughout  Palm Bay Florida.


Why Co-OP You Ask?

It's Simple.

Our Co-Op marketing advertisement is printed on a 6.5" x 12" premium postcard, with adds on front and back. Mailings will be sent U.S.P.S to Homes & Businesses throughout neighborhoods in Palm Bay per mailing campaign. Add design, printing, and shipping are all included in the prices listed but you are more then welcome to provide your own artwork. You can purchase multiple add space for larger adds or front & back exposure. 

Here Is Why!

Guaranteed front page exposure.

Make sure your message gets seen, our Giant Co-Op postcards will dwarf everything else and demand instant attention to your services.

Instead of spending a fortune to advertise your services, brand, or special offers…simply “ride along” with our local Co-Op for only pennies per view.

No other medium on the planet can place you so quickly in front of entire neighborhoods like this postcard can.

Best of all we don’t allow competitors, so it’s either you or them – there’s only room for one. So join our Co-Op today and reserve a spot on the next campaign before a competitor does!

**Mailers are printed and shipped when postcard is filled.**

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