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Learn The Sweet Science Today With Our Boxing Classes In Palm Bay

At Fastidious Martial Arts, we're proud to offer high-level Boxing instruction for men and women of all abilities. We'll help you build punching power and speed and take on the best skills for competition training or real-world self-defense.

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Why Is Our Boxing Program Right For You?

At Fastidious Martial Arts, we take striking and self-defense seriously. Our Boxing classes focus primarily on the technique of every punch and the ability to generate power from any position.

We'll help you build the basics of striking technique with a focus on getting the most out of every movement. Whether your goal is to compete in the ring or challenge yourself with high-energy workouts and more motivation than ever before, our boxing classes have the answer. 

Join us in Palm Bay for:

  • Incredible punching power and speed 
  • Lightning quick footwork
  • Boosted body control and coordination
  • Proven self-defense skills for any situation

Get Started Today With Our Boxing Classes In Palm Bay

Don't miss out on your chance to learn the ins and outs of Boxing with the help of Palm Bay's best self-defense instructors. Come see us at Fastidious Martial Arts and take on a total-body challenge like never before.

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